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Traditional protestant church altar area


Connecting with your audience.

Our mission is to enable our clients to communicate with emotion and power by designing, delivering, and supporting audio, video, and lighting solutions that maximize value at every budget level. Over twenty years and hundreds of projects, AVE has built a reputation for quality, reliability, and value with a seasoned staff of CTS certified designers and installers and a constant focus on the customer.


AVE's expert design team uses the latest room modeling and prediction tools to ensure the behavior and performance of our recommended system components meet or exceed your goals for both speech intelligibility and music reinforcement.

Martin Audio loudspeaker array

Loudspeakers & Acoustics

No matter where your audience is, the quality of what they hear affects the engagement level. From point-source to line and steerable column arrays, AVE’s experts help you arrive at the optimum technology for your style.

Allen & Heath SQ-5 mixing console

Mixing & Processing

Today’s digital mixing and processing systems bring an amazing level of performance and functionality, no matter what the knowledge level or budget. High channel count, quality built-in effects, and full automation are accessible.

Q-Sys TSC touch screen

Distribution & Control

Amazing experiences often begin outside your building and work their way throughout your atrium, hallways, and finally into the worship or performance  space. AVE delivers background or foreground sound distribution through surface mount, pendant, and in-ceiling speaker technologies.

"AVE spent a ton of time surveying our site and interviewing us about our goals and expectations. It really paid off!"


Both video presentation and video production and distribution are covered in an AVE designed and installed video system. 

Closeup of LED screen panel

Video Presentation

For the state of the art in presentation technology, AVE's LED wall installations provide direct view, high resolution content in even the brightest spaces. For spaces with controlled lighting and stricter design requirements, single and multi-screen projection is still the best value.

Video camera with viewfinder

Video Production

Communicating your story via video is often the best way to support your message and communicate the experience. Whether using single or multi-camera systems, robotic or manually operated cameras, AVE helps you design an integrated system that best suites your vision and budget.

Audio and video over IP data switches

Distribution & Streaming

With AVE's custom designed and programmed AV networking, your audience's or congregation's experience can be packaged and delivered to locations across your campus and around the world. We use the latest AV over IP and streaming technologies to maintain maximum quality, from encode through distribution to final decode. 

"When we realized it was time to capture our services and make them available online, AVE made it happen."


Creating the environment, directing audience attention, and providing adequate and flattering illumination for video capture are all critical components of a successful lighting system. 

Colored PAR stage lights


Careful lighting design both illuminates, decorates, and focuses attention. Our lighting designers incorporate the latest in LED PAR, spot, and wash fixtures to properly light your stage.

Traditional church interior

House & Architectural

Integrated house and other architectural lighting systems combine under a single control system to provide a cohesive, harmonious experience, both onstage, in the audience/congregation, and throughout the building. 

Lighting console surface

Automation & Control

AVE combines lighting system operation under full manual or all encompassing preset control, allowing simple non-technical staff to activate frequently used scenes and features.

"Lighting was always an afterthought until AVE came along. It is amazing how a proper stage and house design can enhance the worship experience."
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