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Word of Faith Dominion

State of the art articulation and clarity in rural Iowa.

Don't let the humble exterior of Word of Faith Dominion Church in Lake Mills Iowa mislead you. When Pastor Doug and his all-volunteer workforce erected this building, they knew their priority was going to be on the worship and fellowship inside.

As membership grew and the church became more established, it became clear that the original, largely home-spun audio, video, and lighting systems were reaching their capacity. Also, it became increasingly apparent that audio coverage across both the congregation was uneven, to the point where attendees were bunching up in certain areas of the sanctuary where the sound quality was best.

The AVE team was a joy to work with & went above & beyond with us. You knew we had high expectations & you more than exceeded them! It’s a completely new sound & everyone is thrilled. Our praise team is very pleased and declared the sound a “night & day” difference, so “clean”! - Pastor Domokos

Splitting the project into two phases in order to accomodate budget requirements, AVE designed and installed a new sound system featuring an Allen and Heath SQ6 mix system and then added Martin Audio's Torus constant curvature loudspeakers arranged in stereo with a ceiling mount dual 18" sub and a pair of CDD6's for front fill.

For more about the loudspeaker system, please see Martin Audio's article on the project.

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