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St. Michael Catholic

St. Michael Catholic Church achieves new levels of clarity with Innovox

When long-time client St. Michael Catholic in St. Michaels MN undertook an aesthetic interior refresh of the altar and sanctuary, AVE suggested that this may also provide an opportunity to upgrade their spoken word sound reinforcement system to add increased intelligibility and consistent coverage throughout the seating area.

Integrating with their existing music system which remained centered over the choir area, AVE proposed a distributed, speech focused design from St. Paul-based Innovox loudspeakers. With a worldwide reputation for speech clarity and fidelity in traditional houses of worship and other acoustically challenging spaces, Innovox applied their expertise to St. Michael Catholic, devising a combination of wide range curvilinear line array cabinets supported by their dipole mid-base units with an innovative "articulation ring" of compact array units, carefully tuned and timed to provide full, natural clarity and intelligibility from every seat.

We have been an AVE customer since this building's construction in 2004. That we continue to use them for ongoing service and upgrades demonstrates their commitment to long term partnerships with their clients. -David Ferry, Business Administrator

The new St. Michael sanctuary is a wonderful example of the current state-of-the-art in traditional speech reinforcement for worship. AVE is gratified to have had the opportunity to partner with Chris and the good folks at Innovox to provide this solution.

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