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THOR AV: Intro to Headworn Mics

Speaker wearing a THOR:AV Hammer headset microphone.

Using a headset microphone can enhance performances and engage audiences with clear and professional sound.

Our friends at THOR:AVE, manufacturers of the Hammer headset microphone, provide a primer on headworn microphones for pastors, public speaking, and live performance, emphasizing their benefits like freedom of movement, reliable sound quality, and discreet appearance.

THOR explains how to choose the right microphone, fit it properly, and covers some basic tips:

  • Proper fitting for maximum performance

  • Concealing the device and cable

  • Soundchecks and audio issues

  • Cleaning and storage

THOR:AV's Hammer is highly recommended for comfort, high fidelity sound capture, and minimal interference. Audio Video Electronics is an authorized dealer for all THOR:AV products. Call or visit the AVE contact page today to learn more and purchase the THOR:AV Hammer microphone.


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