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Demo LED Wall on Sale

Banner Ad for AVE LED demo sale

FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD! If your church or venue is looking to add an LED video wall, now is the time. AVE is selling one of it's demo/rental packages at a discount of over 25% with full mfgr warranty! This THOR : Ridge 2.5i system includes 100 panels, processing, mounting hardware, and shipping cases. Using the included NovaStar VX6S processor, the panels can be configured and operated in a variety of ways.

Sample Configurations

Illustration of 10'x20' LED video wall
Single 100 panel display (approx. 20'x10)

Illustration of 16'x9' video wall with two 8 panel columns
64 panel center display (approx. 16'x9') plus two 8 panel columns

Illustration of 2 14'x8' video walls
2 independent 49 panel displays (approx. 14'x8' each)
NOTE: Each display can have a different input with included processor!



  • 100 Panels of Ridge 2.5i

  • Hardware to fly or ground stack (1) 20’w X 10’h wall, or (2) 14’w X 8’h walls, or (1) 16’w X 9’h wall with columns on either side.

  • (3) Utility Flight Cases for hardware and (9) Panel Flight Cases for the 100 panels (12 panels per case)

  • (1) VX6S Novastar Processor

Note: This system may be purchased with or without the hardware or rolling cases.


THOR AV Ridge LED wall panels

THOR: AV panels are building a reputation around the world for their exemplary brightness, performance and durability. Don't miss this opportunity to have a flexible, high performance LED wall system at an incredible price.

Call your AVE representative today to confirm this demo LED wall for sale pricing, availability, and delivery options. Installation service is also available if needed.


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