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Clarity and Consistency: AVE Upgrades IA Church with Martin Audio Torus

Audio Video Electronics recently helped out Word of Faith Dominion in Lake Mills IA with a new sound system upgrade featuring an Allen & Heath SQ mix system and the new Torus constant curvature loudspeaker system from Martin Audio Ltd.

Front of church
Stage showing loudspeaker arrays and center mounted sub.

See the Martin Audio story on the installation for details on how the system was chosen and it's suitability for rooms of this shape and size. A high level of intelligibility combined with consistent, even coverage across the audience area was obtained by hanging a pair of TORUS, left and right of the stage, with a Blackline X218 subwoofer in the centre.

Martin Audio CDD6 loudspeaker
Martin CDD6 front fill mounted beneath stage

Nearfield coverage was achieved with a pair of Martin Audio’s DD6 under two angled scrims at the front of the stage. The new set-up is powered by a pair of Martin Audio’s iKON iK42 multichannel power amps. AVE also provided new video equipment and a Q-Sys control system for sound, video and stage lighting.

For a Pastor's take on the church's experience working with AVE, see the following:


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