Project Details: Rockpoint Church

Lake Elmo, MN


In fall of 2005, AVE began working with Rockpoint Church and the design team of BWBR Architecture. The vision for the church was to create a unique building design and a facility that was modern and production friendly. While construction took more than one year to complete, AVE was able to design some unique options and make the most of Rockpoint's budget. 


Completed: July 2007

AVE Provided - Design and Installation of Church Acoustics, Church Sound, Church Video and Church Stage Lighting Systems



Acoustically, the worship space is very pleasing. The ceiling has a series of clouds that provide a nice early reflection for congregational singing. The gaps between the clouds allow for the escape of low frequency sound waves where extensive bass trapping occurs. Once the room was computer modeled and studied, the reverberation time was greatly improved with smooth response in all frequency ranges. The result was Rockpoint’s worship space providing early reflections, which allowed visitors to hear the congregation singing during worship, with low frequency absorption characteristics.


Audio Image

The audio system needed to be impactful and capable of high volume for modern worship with extended bass response. A center cluster of three Danley SH-50’s was installed with two Bag End AD-18 2x18 low frequency subwoofers built into the concrete stage. The system easily achieved 110db peak ranges without distorting. This has allowed Rockpoint to host national acts as well as any special events they produce themselves


Video Image

Rockpoint was designed with the future of high definition video in mind.  The projector, a Barco HD8 is 8000 lumens and true 1080p resolution offers extensive growth for HD content. Two pan/tilt cameras outputting HD1080i were installed on the back wall. The two cameras feed to the video control room where they are able to record a separate production from the content on the screen and mix audio independently from the sound booth position. Extron switching and scaling products has made video control easy to use for lay staff operators.


Lighting Image

The lighting system at Rockpoint is designed for production. A basic fly system was installed above the stage allowing for flexibility in stage light, curtain and scrim placement. AVE provided the traveler and dead hung curtain design to smooth integration with a large 18’ wide screen that can be raised or lowered depending on the event. AVE also designed and provided the dimming system, all of the creative stage lighting, curtaining and scrim.

Additional Information

AVE integrated a touch panel Crestron control system which allows easy of use of the sound, video & lighting system for various operators. This system also controls AVE in the lobby and other support spaces. Another important aspect of the Rockpoint project was outfitting the other support spaces within the church with AV. Using Adagio, a popular music server, the Crestron system provides a secure, central audio server with remote wall stations at four zones. At each of the zones, a user can pull up specific music. Four separate zones have their own selectable audio at Rockpoint: the upstairs coffee shop, the downstairs coffee shop and the check in area of two of the children’s ministries.

AVE also assisted with audio and video systems for Both the Children’s room and the Youth room at Rockpoint. For the slide in the Children’s room, AVE installed a LCD screen upstairs so that workers can see if the slide is clear before sending another child down via a camera mounted on the wall.

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