Integrated Sound & Video Systems - Our Process

At AVE we specialize in the design and installation of integrated audio/video systems including audio, video, acoustics, and lighting.

Our Process

Our team approach to the Design-Build Process combines the knowledge and experience of the architects, building contractors, and the AVE staff to meet the needs of your organization:

  • We begin with a programming document. In close cooperation with the client, this project blueprint helps us understand your current requirements as well as your long-term vision.
  • Next we coordinate your organization's stakeholders with the architect and construction teams.
  • For many venues, we employ EASE computer modeling and Rational Acoustics Smaart software to analyze room acoustics in order to design a system that provides consistent coverage to every seat in the house.
  • Finally, we provide a full set of AutoCAD drawings to your build team to ensure that the technical system infrastructure is properly designed and installed – ensuring that you have the proper conduit and power plans in place.

In the end, we deliver a system with the optimal balance between quality, ease-of-use, and cost.

AVE Design & Install Process